Alumni registration

Registration form instructions:

1. Electronic ‘google form’: Send a message to our group’s contact email and request that an ‘Alumni Registration form’ be sent to you.

2. OR use a paper and pen registration from. The form is at the bottom of this page. Download it, print it out and fill out clearly by pen. Scan and email the form or if you prefer to mail your form, send an email to HHL and request the postal address.

For inclusion in Print Directory, deadline – October meeting.

In 2009, in an effort to maintain / re-establish a connection with past HHL families, an HHL alumnus was formed.

Alumni eligibility is restricted to those families who are past members of HHL, who continue to share our Christian values, who have completed a minimum of 5 years of home education, whether Traditional or Distributed Learning (and combinations of), and who have a desire to support and encourage those still on the home school journey.

There is no fee for membership to the alumni; annual confirmation of address etc. will be required to maintain membership in “good standing”.