Membership specifics

Heritage Home Learners Support Group has been active since 1987, and serves the Surrey, North Delta, New West, and White Rock area. Our Christian support group is over 30 years old, and completely independent; not connected with any school or other organization.

Families who are registered members of HHL:

  • may borrow items (and return them) from our Book, CD / DVD Library.
  • have the option of being on the private ‘Google Group’ or the ‘Yahoo group’ as prefered, which provides homeschool related information that is brought to our attention throughout the year via messages to our HHL email:
    • communication and information for homeschool support / resources / service providers, HHL meeting reminders, local extracurricular opportunities / activities,
    • Being on one of our online groups will enable you to check the archives of HHL messages.
    • The HHL email contact also has a ‘bcc’ email list for sending HHL ‘forwards’ to families inquiring about HHL and those who have this preference. If at any time you would like to be removed from the mailings, please contact HHL at:

Registration with our support group is easy:

  • Heritage Home Learners has a convenient ‘goggle docs’ form for the HHL registration to be filled out electronically. Contact HHL at ‘‘ by email and request the link to our form. After filling out the registration form, when you click the ‘submit’ button you will see this prompt: “You are submitting information to an external page. Are you sure?” You will be given the choice to click on : ‘OK’ or ‘Cancel’. The completed form information is sent to our HHL email only (that is the external page) and the form is set for ‘private’ – no one else has access to it.
  • If preferred, we have a paper registration form. See the attachment at the bottom of this page and print out the HHL membership form. Fill it out clearly by pen, and bring it to a meeting or mail the completed form in (send a message to the HHL email requesting the mailing address).
  • The annual fee for membership with HHL is $30.00; please bring your cash or cheque to a meeting for our Treasurer or send your form and cheque via postal mail as noted above. Payment of the annual membership free enables our support group to function so that we can provide opportunity for face-to-face support and activity opportunities.

The registration fee

  • covers the cost of our meeting location and library storage on site. (Refreshments at the meetings are provided in turns by members).
  • enables us to give an honorarium to our more professional speakers that present at our meetings.

Heritage Home Learners has a private online group for the distribution by email of homeschool related information / opportunites / classes / meetings:

You can request to join (please give reasons), or ask HHL to ‘invite you’. Once your request is approved:

  • You will be able to ‘choose / edit your settings’, (the little gear on the top right corner). You can choose to receive all emails at they are posted, a daily digest, or no emails (in this case to see the messages you will need to go to the google group).
  • A range of 5 – 20 messages can be sent via HHL per month. The messages are sent in groups once or twice a month.
  • In ‘edit’ you can remove your name from the membership if desired. You can also send a message to the HHL email and request that we remove your name, if that is easier for you.

When you receive messages from the HHL Google group, please, do not ‘unsubscribe’ from messages that are ‘forwarded’, simply ‘delete’ those that do not interest you. As always, your own personal research and decision is expected in regards to message content. HHL does not specifically promote the organizations that contact us by email (yes this is a disclaimer), One goal of HHL is to provide a venue for the distribution of homeschool related information / opportunity / invitation.

Membership Instructions

Annual Membership fee – $30.00, cash or cheque payable to ‘Heritage Home Learners’.

Registration form:

1. Electronic ‘google form’: Send a message to our group’s contact email and request that a ‘Registration form’ be sent to you.

2. OR use a paper and pen registration from. The form is at the bottom of this page. Download it, print it out and fill out clearly by pen. Bring your completed form to a HHL meeting, or scan and email your form. If you prefer to mail your form, send an email to HHL and request the postal address.

Responsibilities and Privileges of Membership


1. Members are required to pay an annual fee of $30.00 per family, by cash or cheque (payable to Heritage Home Learners) and given to the treasurer.

This fee reserves our meeting facility and provides year round library storage, covers the cost of beverages, printing costs for the annual membership directories (when decided that one will be compiled – deadline for inclusion in the Print Directory is the October meeting), HHL website expenses, speaker honorariums, and other miscellaneous costs we incur as a group.


2. All members are required to uphold the values outlined in our purpose, group philosophy, statement of faith and unity in diversity statement.

3. Members who choose to carry out leadership positions within the group are required to have accepted Christ in their life and be walking in a meaningful relationship with God. If a member’s life does not reflect the Christian moral value of our group they should not serve in any leadership position.

4. Members must be willing to respect the diverse choices of home education represented withing the group, whether that be traditional, distributed learning or other legally accepted responsible choices. We should strive to support each other as unique homeschool parents who educate their children at home.


5. Members should be willing to participate and volunteer as able.

6. Members should be willing to share their wealth of ideas, thoughts, and experiences.


7. Members are required to show respect for library materials and return policies.

8. Members will have access to library materials once their annual dues are paid in full. A one month loan is recommended, but flexibility is exercised for loan duration, provided there are no other requests for the item. If materials are lost or damaged it is the responsibility of the member to replace the items.

Group Outings and Field Trips:

9. Members are required to pay for field trips in advance.

10. If a member cannot show up for a field trip they are required to give 24 hours notice, unless there is a sudden emergency.

11. The cost of the outing may or may not be refunded depending on the notice given and whether it affects the group as a whole (group rates). All who commit to attending the outing will be responsible for their payment whether or not they attend.

12. Members are expected to represent the group in a positive manner while on field trips and outings. This includes: showing up on time, making sure your children and children you give a ride to are polite and respectable, expressing appropriate conduct in word and deed and respecting the rules of conduct of the location being visited.


13. Members are encouraged to sign up with our ‘Google Group’ to receive email messages regarding information about events, meetings and opportunities!forum/heritagehomelearners.

14. Members are allowed to submit appropriate homeschool related information to the group that would benefit other members.

15. Members are welcome to advertise in our annual membership directory (if it is produced).


16. Members will be given the opportunity to vote on important group decisions such as leadership and policies.

17. Regarding leadership of the group, members are encouraged to participate in the June ‘Planning Meeting’ and be part of the administration team for the next season.

Group Dynamics:

18. As a member, you will have the priviledge of attending our monthly meetings and any planned outings or special events.

19. You will have opportunity to be warmly supported in a diverse Christian environment. We commit to supporting you and praying for you as you educate your children from home.