Social Studies

Bible Archaeology, Search & Exploration (BASE) Institute Bob Cornuke

Bold Believers – Kids of Courage (Voice of the Martyrs) (excellent application of social studies – cultures and geography) parent organization: The Voice of the Martyrs Canada Persecution & Prayer Alert ministry

Diana Waring Presents! Education That’s Relational (World History)

Donna Ward/Northwood Press (Canadian history and geography) facebook page – lots of educational ideas:

God’s World News – a current events magazine for kids from a Christian perspective. Magazine includes unit studies and feature topics bible heroes with free downloadable supplements on the website to support learning.

Greenleaf History Guides Rob and Cyndy Shearer

Historical fiction BC homeschool mom (long term) has website displaying just a sampling of the over 1000 stories (including synopses) that she has logged. Her purpose is to make parents and individuals aware of the interesting, informative, and well researched historical fiction available at their local library.

Knowledge Quest Globalmania, World geography curriculum

Mission Aviation Fellowship Canada

A global ministry partnership, serving the aviation needs of over 35 countries since 1972.

Sharing God’s love to the world’s people who are isolated through aviation and technology by supporting relief and development organizations

Multi-Cultural Ministries International

A bearer of light to those at home and abroad who are still seeking a Saviour – a beacon of clarity and hope for multicultural community in Canada, the US and around the globe.


Mail: Canada:

PO Box 664

Abbotsford, BC V2T 6Z8

Open Doors Canada Serving persecuted Christians worldwide, provides’ Prayer Force alert’ – monthly prayer request bulletin (up-to-date prayer requests for specific countries – concerns and praise – excellent application of geography)

Sonlight Curriculum

Emphasis on world geography. Recommends books like: Rickshaw Girl (India), And the Word Came with Power (the Philippines),The Bronze Bow (Israel), The Breadwinner (Afghanistan), Cry, the Beloved Country (South Africa) … and the list goes on.

Geography songs kit by Audio memory Window on the World (book), by Spragget and Johnstone Each two-page spread includes a story, maps, interesting facts, full-color photos and illustrations, and suggested prayers. A treasure-trove for developing a godly heart for the world!

Summit Ministries Canada

Biblical Worldview training • Every January – 10 session worldview seminar • Every June/July – 1 week university accredited course Homeschool Curriculum available through Summit USA

The Story of the World

by Susan Wise Bauer

Warfare by Duct Tape:

World Geography Online Courses (age 8 – 108):

Wycliffe Canada:


Bank of Canada

Court system of BC

Elections Canada

Governor General of Canada

Les Plan Educational Services

Helping students understand and critically assess current events and issues since 1990

The Canadian Reader and Currents4Kids – Grade 3 and up

What in the World and Building Bridges grade 5 – 10+

Parliament of Canada

Political parties of Canada

Queen of Canada The Official Website of the British Monarchy:

SpringtideCo “We’re passionate about teaching Canada about politics. We strive for the plainest possible language, the simplest possible illustrations…” Democracy: Why Democracy – video 3 minute citizen: explains how government works in Canada.

Student Vote Purpose is to provide young Canadians with an opportunity to experience the voting process firsthand and build the habits of informed and engaged citizenship. , Series of videos to illustrate the basics of government, Canada’s democracy and our three levels of government: The three levels of Government – Video

Veterans Affairs Canada Resources to help young people learn more about the courageous Canadians who have served our country in the cause of peace and freedom from the 19th century to today. Explore the ‘Educators’ section of web site


Campbell Valley Nature House

Open May to Sept. – Saturdays, Sundays and holiday Mondays, 1 – 4pm. Wednesdays 10am – 1pm.

Venue in the heritage red barn at the Annand/Rowlatt Farmstead (heritage buildings and pioneer farm machinery)

Interactive experiences: owl pellet dissection, pond water discovery station, nature hunt activity, barn owl nest box display, real specimens of owls and bobcats, puzzles, books, self-guided trail maps, a new kids craft every week…

Rowlatt Farmstead in Campbell Valley Regional Park via South Valley park entrance at 20285 8th Avenue, Langley, and follow the trail markers for a 5-minute stroll to the red barn.

MSA Museum Society,

Regional Heritage Fairs Program for students in the Fraser Valley

Celebrating history and heritage, encouraging students to develop an increased awareness and interest in Canadian history and Heritage

Regional Heritage Fair Coordinator