* Encourage children, especially in the early stages of education, to be active learners in mathematics by using “extensive exploration of numerical relationships with manipulatives”.. (from page 2)

Aleks Math:

Developmental Math by L. George Saad

Family Math books

by Jean Kerr Stenmark, Virginia Thompson, Ruth Cossey

Family Math the Middle School Years: Algebraic Reasoning & Number Sense, by Karen Mayfield-Ingram (Author), Virginia Thompson (Author)

Family Math for Young Children: Comparing, by Grace Coates (Author), Jean Kerr Stenmark (Author), Brian Gothberg (Editor)

(from Amazon: )

Homeschool Math:

Critical Thinking Company Workbooks: Can You Find Me?, Mind Benders, Complete the Picture Math, Balance Benders, Dr. DooRiddles, Scratch Your Brain, Math Analogies and Think-a-Minutes Pet Store Math: Sports Store Book Store


Common Sense Media

Cool Math

Dragon Box (algebra)

Foxmind Math Games: Guess Who, Mastermind for Kids, Rack-O, Number Ninjas, Gobblet Gobblers, 3D Labyrinth, Mancala, Cranium Matching Madness, Cranium Cariboo, Taiga

Solitaire Games: Family and educational games for all ages, Meta-Forms (geometric shape puzzles)

Games for Math (Peggy Kaye):

Knowledge Adventure:

Lego MindStorm, robotics

Moby Games Super Solvers:

Polyhedra Dice Games Grades K-6 by Don Balka (Author), Masami Miyamoto (Illustrator): Get it on

The Learning Company Operation Neptune:

Think Fun

Brainteaser puzzles and other thought provoking toys: Clever Castle, Rush Hour Jr., Hoppers Jr., River Crossing Jr.

Educating for Success

Bringing family together with home business, Entrepreneur skills “10 Things this mama taught her kids about having their own business”

HHL meeting “Number sense”, (Feb 2010) speaker Janet M (WWU),

number relationships (greater / less, part / whole), spatial relationships, pattern recognition, different ways to represent numbers, interpret and use numbers in the real world.

Addenda Series Gr K – 6, Number Sense and Operations* (book of activities and games)

(Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics,

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

Recommended sites:

Marilyn Burns

Cambridge University

Learning Resources Math Manipulatives: including base ten blocks (place value, renaming, borrowing), pattern blocks (shapes), Cuisinart rods (multiply / divide),special needs:

Lee Valley lots of great tools, reprints of old books:

Wrap Ups (manipulatives)

I x cel:

JUMP Math:

Khan Academy:

Life of Fred Mathematics: from polkadotpublishing


Mathematical Thinking:



K- 12 Complete- Award Winning – Hands-on – Canadian Content – Math Curriculum

(Also Spelling You See – Building Confidence)



Online Math Games:

RightStart Mathematics By Activities For Learning

Our Mission: To help children understand, apply, and enjoy mathematics. A hands on approach to mathematics. (Montessori)

Singapore Math:

Teaching Textbooks (Math):

Beauty and the Phi Ratio, Thinking Skills Online Dojo See ‘curriculum suppliers’ tab for full description. Contact:


Books (just for fun—don’t worry about making sure that they understand or solve everything!):

Alice in Quantum Land, An Allegory of Quantum Physics: Robert Gilmore Anno’s Math Games by Mitsumasa Anno, Archer’s Quest by Linda Sue Park. Family Math by Stenmark, Thompson and Cossey, Life of Fred books by Stanley F. Schmidt, Penrose the Mathematical Cat, by Theoni Pappas Sir Cumference books by Cindy Neuschwander and Wayne Geehan, Wizard of Quarks, A Fantasy of Particle Physics by Robert Gilmore: Understood Betsy:

Bricks4Kidz Hands-on program for children in Surrey, Delta and Ladner area. Enrichment classes specially designed for homeschool children. Our curriculum is based on STEM- science, technology,engineering and math skills. Programs for children 3-13+

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