Please email the HHL contact: ‘ for the home school support group meeting location. It is in Surrey (northwest) – particularly accessible to residents of Surrey, North Delta, New Westminster.

Summer Park Days


Snack Schedule

HHL Park or Games Days – HHL Field Trips

General Homeschool Activity / Events in lower mainland

2023 – 2024 Season

Summer Park Days:

11:00 AM to 2:30 PM
Bring your own lunch. Unstructured.
Alternating a nature park with a water / playground park

Saturday Park days will be cancelled with rain (however, you are free to continue with your family if desired!). The Saturday choices are intended for complete family attendance – including the Dads – an excellent opportunity for them to give and receive support as homeschool dads.

For the Tuesday Park Days, if it is rainy, we will have a DVD and games time indoors in the church basement. HHL library available. Time will be changed to 12:30 – 2:30 PM

An email message on the day- of will be sent to the HHL mailing list to confirm for all Park Days.

To be updated June 2024

ALSO: New West Homeschool Family Summer Park Days,

Dates: every Wednesday.

Time: 10:30ish until whenever you and your family need/want to leave.

Details: All dates are weather dependent, there will NOT be an official “cancelled” email. All families will use their own discretion, and attend / dress for the weather. These parks have spray park options.

Schedule and park locations: To be updated June 2023

2023 – 2024 Calendar of Meetings

Meeting schedule the 3rd * Monday of every month 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.

(Sept to June)

*altered when needed for: the statutory holidays and June.

Sharing and prayer are an important part of our meetings, meaningful support is our goal.

SEPTEMBER 18 – “Meet and Greet”:  Welcome new inquiring moms and new / existing members.  Update on each other and what are your plans for the new year.  Bring curriculum as desired.  A group discussion (shared task to facilitate discussion).

Business: Registration and Annual Membership fee – register or re-register (update info for print directory).

Assess calendar topics – especially Creation Science in April.

Planning for Field Trips, Activity (Park Days). Decide frequency and who will take responsibility. Facebook group (private): ? manages it. The HHL Facebook group works in cooperation with our face-to-face group.

Spanish class (online) update. Instructor on “maternity’ leave for this year.

OCTOBER 16 – “Day in the Life of – How do you start your Homeschool Day?”.  Planning, routines.  A group discussion (shared task to facilitate discussion).  AV to facilitate.

NOVEMBER 20 – “Life Skills – focusing on character building and habits”. Child’s character, parenting plans to help them develop and grow.  Social prep for the ‘world’.  MC to facilitate          

DECEMBER 4* – “Annual Christmas Social – Sharing praise and prayer with Alumni”.

Appetizer Pot luck at the church. Starter question if needed? (Renee to invite). A group discussion (shared task to facilitate discussion).

JANUARY 15 –‘Alumni presentation, “Refreshing yourself and avoiding burnout”. HHL Alumni, Dawn C to facilitate / present. (RV, to request)

FEBRUARY 12 (to avoid BC Family Day) – “Parenting:  focus on helping siblings with getting along, specifically pre-teens, Fruits of the Sprit.  All in attendance to help facilitate, and keep the meeting on topic and useful to attendees.

MARCH 18 – “Facilitating a safe talking environment with parents and children”, Intentional parenting, helping kids express themselves appropriately with accurate words, to process sensory input, vocabulary to use.  Being available for hard conversations.  MB to facilitate.

Opportunity for selling second hand materials. Note: Second hand sale in Abbotsford in April. A lot of second-hand book selling happens on Facebook these days. There are a few Facebook groups in our area a person can join to see materials people have posted and make arrangements to pick them up at the person’s home. Some people also post on Craigslist.

APRIL 19 – note Friday, starting time 7:00 PM. Creation Science Association of BC ( presentation for local homeschool community (7th annual). Topic: Dragons and dinosaurs theme.  Are they still alive?  With resource tables. Invite our families, and other homeschool groups. (RV to contact and invite homeschool groups in broader community).

MAY 13 – “Homeschooling: Curriculum choices” – For all homeschooling families, new and experienced moms trying to keep an eye on curriculum development and new opportunities (plus it helps us to help the new families).. The curriculum evening will be hosted by a local homeschool curriculum store owner OR DL school librarian tba. Curriculum / books may be available for purchasing. Invitation open to neighbouring homeschool groups.

JUNE 3 * – “Planning meeting for next season” (Planning calendars provided). Meetings and summer Park Days

Attendees are the Administration Team for next season.

Bring your ideas for topics / speakers for next season.

Come with feedback from the past year – What were your favorite speakers / topics? What were the most helpful meetings? What meeting blessed you the most, and which one(s) disappointed you. Review, assess and identify possible alternatives and solutions.

Feedback about administration and format of the group.

Business: Registration and Annual Membership fee – register or re-register (update info for print directory distributed in Oct). Pre-payment in June allows you to borrow library materials over the summer.

Annual treasurer’s report.

As needed ‘election’ of position holders – see ‘contacts’ tab on HHL website:   Banking changes require formal minutes to be compiled for bank – minutes to be approved and signed.

General notes:

The ‘Snack’ volunteer will open and close with prayer (or ask someone else to do this. Moderation of the meeting – all attendees will be responsible to help facilitate the discussion. The HHL member that confirms the speaker is to provide a week-prior reminder, introduce and conclude the meeting, and send a thank you to the speaker within a week post- meeting.

Avoid Nov to Feb for speakers or invites to other homeschool groups due to possible winter conditions for travelling.

Regarding meeting topics, flexibility will be exercised to accommodate, including flexibility for special opportunities / speakers / unique needs / topics of members. Please communicate your ideas and recommendations via the HHL email. Also, consider: to have a meeting for the Dads.

Snack Schedule

for evening meetings (schedule to be completed at Sept meeting)

Sept. -Renée

Oct. – Michelle B

Nov. – Alice Vh

Dec. – appy potluck – everyone.

Jan. – Michelle C

Feb. -Maryna R

Mar. –

Apr. – Not required due to Creation Science presentation.

May – Not required due to presentation

Jun. – Renée.

2023 – 2024 Season

Park / Board Games Days:

12:30 to 2:30 PM

Twice Monthly 2nd and 4th Tuesday

Indoor location (for board games) if the weather is inclement (rainy).

Reminder with location details sent the week prior.  Final reminder and confirmation of park or games day location to arrive in your inbox on the day-of the Park Day.

Park locations are tentative and subject to change as per weather and convenience of the group – please pay close attention to the email reminders!

Board Game Day.  Bring your own games.  Creation Sci video in separate room for those interested (older).  Intend to be involved with the children.  No food on location please – to reduce clean-up responsibilities!


Tuesday, Sept 12). Bear Creek Park (13750 – 88 Avenue, Surrey). See:  We meet at the main playground (parking lot just off 88 Ave).

Tuesday, Sept 26. Fleetwood Park (15802 – 80 Avenue, Surrey). See:

Tuesday, Oct 10. Cloverdale Athletic Park (6330 168 St, Surrey BC). See:

Tuesday, Oct 24 Tynehead Park (Salmon homecoming). (16689 96 Ave, Surrey). See: park

Tuesday, Nov 14  Burnaby Lake

Tuesday, Nov 28 for Christmas display:  Burnaby Village (6501 Deer Lake A Burnaby Village (6501 Deer Lake Ave, Burnaby). See: . To be confirmed.  Later start – 1 PM on location.  Weather is unreliable at this time of year, therefore 3 days set apart for this event.

Tuesday, Dec 12 Burnaby Village (6501 Deer Lake A Burnaby Village (6501 Deer Lake Ave, Burnaby). See:  . To be confirmed.

Thursday, Dec 28 (ditto above if unable to go due to rain.) Potential Park Day.  May be cancelled.


Tuesday, Jan 9  Fleetwood Park (15802 – 80 Avenue, Surrey). See:

Tuesday, Jan 23 tbd

Tuesday, Feb 13 Cloverdale Athletic Park (6330 168 St, Surrey BC). See:

Tuesday, Feb 27  Bear Creek Park (13750 – 88 Avenue, Surrey). See:  We meet at the main playground (parking lot just off 88 Ave).

Tuesday, March 12 Hawthorne Park (10513 – 144 Street, Surrey BC) See:   

Tuesday, March 26 Annieville Park, (9150 112 Street, North Delta). See:

Tuesday, April 9 tbd

Tuesday, April 23 Cloverdale Athletic Park (6330 168 St, Surrey BC). See:

Tuesday, May 14  Fleetwood Park (15802 – 80 Avenue, Surrey). See:

Tuesday, May 21 27  Bear Creek Park (13750 – 88 Avenue, Surrey). See:  We meet at the main playground (parking lot just off 88 Ave).

Tuesday, June 11 Hawthorne Park (10513 – 144 Street, Surrey BC) See:   

Tuesday, June 25 tbd

Park options (key words: playground, trails and washrooms). We also choose parks not connected to schools.

HHL Field Trips

We will consider organizing 1 -2 Field Trips for this year. Ideas: VSO in Nov or Feb. Fort Langley, Greater Vancouver Zoo – these intended with group rate discounts. Other ideas are welcome.

Note: TLA Field Trips are usually available for non-TLA students also. See: &

General Homeschool Activity / Events in lower mainland

Sept – Not going back to school picnics ?

Swimming (10 sessions at Surrey Sport & Leisure Complex) and skating (?) registration starting in August. click on ‘culture and rec’, ‘activities search and register’.

For complete instructions (search words) see HHL website ‘Resources – by subject’ tab – Phys ed subpage: (—by- subject/phys-ed).

Check Sungod pool for Delta lessons.

Oct. – Bird migration, Salmon ‘homecoming’ begins

Life Chain Sunday is 1st Sunday in October from 2-3 PM. For Surrey, usually takes place on King George between 104 and Holland Park. September is when details and location are confirmed.  Link:

Nov. – Remembrance Day events at local cenotaphs – usually start at 10:30 – check

          newspaper for info.

Reg begins for SSLC swim for the Jan sessions.

Dec. – Annual Christmas Social with HHL Alumni

Jan. – Swimming session (SSLC) (see Sept)

Mission Central SERVE (formerly Missions Fest Vancouver)- Vancouver (last weekend in Jan)

Feb. – Family Day – check , click on ‘culture and rec’, and ‘events’ –

           often free  swim/skate in select locations.

Mar. – Reg for SSLC swim for the April sessions

Apr. – Swimming session / skating (SSLC)

Surrey Environmental Extravaganza events – Apr to June) many free family events (local nature).  Check , click on ‘culture and rec’, ‘parks’, ‘programs and events in parks’, ‘public programs’, ‘environmental extravaganza’

‘Used book’ sales begin (Abbotsford) Also check Facebook and other internet sites.

May – B C Homelearners Conference (organized by DL schools TLA and Regent).?

EQUIP the HOME, EDUCATE the HANDS, ENCOURAGE the HEART. Our vision for this conference is to come from a Christian perspective, ministering to the needs of Christian families, both registered and enrolled – all are invited to attend.

Friday and Saturday end of May (9-5). Vendor hall: TWU’s “Atrium”.

Conference website

March for Life, Victoria , 1st Thursday in May (?) Info for this will come out in the spring.  Link from this past year if you want to learn more.

Surrey Children’s Festival (end of May ) See city of Surrey website:

Jun. –    TLA Track and Field Sports Day ?

Homeschool sports day – Langley Home Educators Association. contact:

Family Sports Day – New Life Homeschool support group in Burnaby.

School’s Done Picnics?

Prayer Sunday for the Persecuted Church ‘One With Them’ by Open Doors.  Hebrews 13:3:  “Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering”.

Note: TLA field trips throughout the year.

Some field trips are open for non-TLA families, provided there is space. Field trips are posted on the website and families are welcome to check this out regularly. Contact TLA for availability, details and payment. home page,- our community, – events and field trips

TLA and other school field trip opportunities will be ‘forwarded’ to the HHL email list if we are informed.  Please send info to the Heritage Home Learners email (