Language Arts

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Accomplished Learning Centres (Language and Reading – Fast ForWord)

All About Spelling / All About Reading by Marie Rippel – A multi-sensory program that takes the struggle out of spelling:

Alm’s house – Music, Art & Writing Lessons, Learn to Combine the Three.

Ali Marsman – published author/illustrator and pianist/teacher.

Private and group lessons in home studio, and can also travel to the students’ homes

134 @ 83a Avenue, Surrey BC, V3W 0Y1

Monday-Friday 9:00am-9:00pm

Saturday-Sunday 10:00am-9:00pm


Tel: 778-725-8301


Beauty and the Phi Ratio, Thinking Skills Online Dojo

See ‘curriculum suppliers’ tab for full description.


Brave Writer (Julie Bogart) spiraling approach writing program, online classes Jot it Down (5-8); Partnership Writing (9-10); Faltering Ownership (11-12); Transition to Ownership (13-14); The Great Conversation (15-18).

Center For Lit (Adam and Missy Andrews)

Year-long literature courses for students in grades 5-12.

Live Online Academy courses includes American Literature, British Literature, World Literature, Junior High Literature, Elementary Literature, and

Understanding Poetry.

Teaching the Classics method: introducing the structural elements of a story.

Socratic discussion about once a month. A writing option is available at all levels for students interested in learning to use the Teaching the Classics method to compose soundly-argued interpretive essays.

Upper level classes offer high school credit and ample preparation for the college classroom.

Canadian distributor for Center for Lit. materials is Classical Education Books (see curriculum tab) Langley, BC.

Five in a Row series – Preschool and up:

Fun Family Phonics

Colorful interactive stories and aids, (songs on CD and videos to engage all your child’s senses).

A Story-telling approach about each letter of the alphabet, linking sound and shape. Join Detective Dave Fun as he discovers phonetic clues in the world around him and teaches his younger siblings how to discover the wonderful enjoyment of reading!

‘Fun Family Phonics’, designed for Pre-K thru Grade One. ‘Fun Family Fair’ program materials for Grades One thru Three. Finish with the advanced ‘Ready to Read’ series.

(author: local teacher from White Rock . B.C.)

Grammar Ace & Schoolhouse Rock! (Sonlight)

Engaging, practical, no-pressure way to learn the rules. From commas to composition, 36 self-paced lessons help equip your 4th-7th grader with foundational skills for competent writing.

More than 50 classic songs (like “Conjunction Junction” and “Unpack Your Adjectives”) that will reinforce the lessons

Institute for Excellence in Writing (Andrew Pudewa):

Jollyworks Ltd (Phonics and Grammar):

Learning Language Arts Through Literature (Common Sense Press)

Common Sense Press uses an integrated approach to learning with emphasis upon context. In language arts, spelling, reading, vocabulary, grammar, handwriting and phonics are taught in the same lesson.

Research shows clearly that language arts taught in this way is much more effective than when taught in the traditional isolated and fragmented manner.

Education is more than just getting the right answer on a multiple-choice test. Learning should be meaningful, comprehensive, and stimulating to the student. Your curriculum should help you accomplish this.

Progeny Press – Novel/literature studies from a Christian perspective

Reading Eggs

Ages 2 – 13 – Reading Eggs focuses on a core reading curriculum of skills and strategies: phonics, sight words, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, spelling, grammar, writing, early language development (for toddlers). Makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities.

Reading Roots Literacy (read, spell write):

Shurley English by Brenda Shurley, Grammar and Composition: provider of free and printable educational resources (games, activities, and tools ) for teaching children to read. Pre-phonics curriculum for teaching Phonemic Awareness.

Spelling You See

Building Confidence

from the folks at Math-U-See:



Spell to write and read (Teaching Reading at Home and School) Back Home Industries:

Style writer (previously: Excellent Resources):

Institute for excellence in writing: writing skills DVDs and workbooks K (Primary Arts of Language) to Sr high (Student Writing Intensive, Structure and Style, essays/ speeches)

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (see curriculum providers)

Traditional Learning Academy (Surrey) TLA hosts various educational service providers in their classrooms. These instructors rent TLA classroom space and operate independently from TLA. All providers are screened and have criminal record checks with TLA. Writing and social studies classes for grades 3-9

Free resources for your homeschool from the internet


Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting series (includes calligraphy):

ReadyWriter – handwriting prep for preschool K (Providence Project):


Mavis Beacon


Photos For Class access safe images that are available to be used in the classroom and for educational purposes, accurate image citations.

Foreign Language

Kaleeka Press

Ecoutez Parlez (French) , Escucha y Hablemos (Spanish) Online language program, age 3 – adult Works well in conjunction with ongoing language programs and helps build a solid foundation in spoken languages. Publisher/ writer: Katleeen Newton

Late French Immersion Program (Surrey) for students starting in grade 6 location: North: K.B. Woodward Elementary South: Crescent Park Elementary, Jessie Lee Elementary, Henry Bose Elementary East: Sunrise Ridge Elementary (Cloverdale)

contact: Sunrise Ridge 604-576-3000 for ‘Information Night’ particulars, OR call your local school district

registration begins in late January for upcoming school season.

Learn Latin online

instructor: Maria Johnson


Classes begin September 13 for middle/high school students.

traditional classes (1.5 hr, 2 x per week), held on Skype – all the students join into a group conference, where we will be able to hear and see each other.

Lessons taught using Powerpoint presentations and a virtual whiteboard.

Tests administered through

Communication via email as well as a closed Facebook group.

Cost: $70 per month per student ($35 for subsequent siblings, who may want to also take the course). Payments through Paypal.

Surrey German School