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Click on the subject heading ‘subpages’ at the bottom of this page. There you will find websites relating to specific subjects / topics. Click on ‘back arrow’ OR click on the ‘Resources – by subject’ on the top left corner of the subpage to return to this page and see the other subject headings.

These organization entries come from several sources: HHL member recommendation​s​, annual BC homeschool convention vendors, Home Education Council of America e-conferences, and businesses​ that contact HHL throughout the year requesting that the information of their services be distributed to the membership. The priority of the HHL website is educational support (curriculum) and homeschool specific resources. As always, your own personal research and decision is expected to be responsibly applied in assessing this information. HHL does not specifically promote the organizations that contact us by email (yes this is a disclaimer), One goal of HHL is to simply provide a venue for the distribution of homeschool related information / opportunity / invitation.

Most of the resources and enrichments indicated on the subject subpages are sold by businesses noted on the ‘Curriculum Suppliers’ tab.

Not to be considered complete as curriculum is constantly changing.

These pages are updated regularly and emails received as promotion for homeschool related classes and opportunities are ‘forwarded’ regularly to the home educating families of this support group.

Please submit your recommendations, advertising to .

Sample “progress records” for your educational journey record keeping are available on the bottom of each page in the attachments section. They are excel files, feel free to save them to your computer, and edit / change the headings as you desire to personalize for your own use. See ‘Home School General Support’ page for monthly and yearly planning sheets.